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16.1.2019 | Company Announcement / Press release
The mining permit of Keliber Oy's Syväjärvi mine legally valid

The mining permit for Keliber Oy’s Syväjärvi mine area, granted by the Safety and Chemicals Agency ("Tukes") in December 2018, is now legally valid.

The mining permit for Keliber’s Syväjärvi mine area, granted by Tukes in December 2018 under the Mining Act (621/2011), is now legally valid. Permit is valid until further notice with the review interval of 10 years. Based on the granted permit, a mine area of Syväjärvi and an auxiliary area (connection road) will be established in accordance with section 19 of the Mining Act.

Commencing the mining operations, the proceedings establishing a mining area, are required. In the proceedings establishing a mining area, the holder of the mining permit is given the right to use the mining area for mining operations. During the proceedings establishing a mining area, the date when the permitted activities may commence in the area, is determined, as well as the compensation for the right of use the property and the compensations if inconvenience or damages are caused to the properties. The National Land Survey of Finland is responsible for performing the proceedings.

The annual maximum of spodumene ore to be mined from Syväjärvi will be 540,000 tonnes. The mined ore will be hauled for further processing at the company's Kalavesi concentrator in Kaustinen. In Kalavesi, the ore will be crushed, milled and floated to spodumene concentrate, which in turn is transported to the company's chemical plant in Kokkola Industrial Park, where the battery grade lithium chemical is produced.

“We are pleased that the mining permit for Syväjärvi mine is now legally valid. This is an important milestone for our project. We expect that we will be able to complete the proceedings establishing the mining area in the coming months,” says Pertti Lamberg, CEO of Keliber Oy.

Further information

Chief Geologist Pentti Grönholm tel. +358 (0) 50 3481 535

CEO Pertti Lamberg tel. +358 (0) 50 5991 189

16.1.2019 / Keliber Oy

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