Our story

Our story

Climate change concerns us all, affecting the success of companies, investors and consumers – now and in the future. Keliber wants to contribute and empower people to make right, climate smart choices in their everyday lives.

We are accelerating e-mobility and smarter energy storage by producing high-quality lithium in Europe in a sustainable and progressive manner.

Sustainable lithium from Europe

Keliber holds several advanced lithium deposits in a Central Ostrobothnian area that spans over 500 km². Observations of lithium have been made in the region as early as late 1950s.

The known lithium reserves of Central Ostrobothnia have been estimated to be among the most significant in Europe. The area has excellent potential for increasing ore reserves and discovering new deposits.

Our operations in Finland enable efficient transport to customers, as our production is located near future demand. We follow strict environmental and labor laws while capitalizing on Finland’s reliable and sound societal infrastructure.

Our advanced production process is a central part of responsible and sustainable lithium chemical production.

Our concentrator plant will be located in the vicinity of the ore reserves in Kaustinen, and the chemical plant will be located slightly over 50 kilometers away in the Kokkola Industrial Park, near the Port of Kokkola. According to our estimates, the construction stage will begin in 2022.

Keliber lithium project in numbers