We foster a responsible work community

The safety of our employees and others working with us is a top priority in all our operations. We want to make sure all our employees and partners will go home healthy after each working day.

We are a close working community in which respect for each other, appreciation and just treatment as well as looking after our own competence are the cornerstones of our work well-being and motivation. We offer our personnel opportunities for professional development.

Keliber has a proactive approach to health and work well-being: we develop processes, operating models and cultures for the organization that advance work well-being and working ability.

We estimate to employ approximately 150 people, once our production processes are fully operational. We seek to primarily employ local labor force, either directly or through our subcontractor partners.

We seek to advance diversity in our recruitments. We advance equality by selecting women and men equally to interviews whenever possible, considering the group of applicants.

Our goal: zero accidents at the workplace

  • We make observations on safety
  • We train our personnel and partners
  • We identify risks before starting work,
  • We report and investigate all safety deviations, accidents and near-misses and take necessary precautions to ensure that such situations can be prevented in the future.

We also expect our partners to commit to Keliber’s safety principles and safe ways of working.