Environmental impact assessment

When assessing environmental impact, the different options of executing the project and their effects are examined as required by EIA (Finnish: YVA) legislation.

The purpose of environmental impact assessment is to reduce or prevent the negative environmental impact of the planned project as well as raise awareness among the citizens. All those potentially affected by the project are able and allowed to take part in the assessment. In the end, access to information and participation are the cornerstones of the policy. The first stage of the EIA process is the environmental impact assessment programme. It is a plan regarding the investigations carried out for the assessment and the arrangement of the assessment procedure. The actual assessment work and the conclusions of the assessment are compiled in the environmental impact assessment report.

In the EIA, the impact of the project is assessed in conjunction with the planning before the decision-making process in order to ensure that future solutions can be influenced. The EIA is a planning tool in which the results of the assessment are taken into account in the discretionary process of the project’s permits. The EIA in itself is not a permit and does not give the right to initiate operations.

EIA investigations

Keliber Oy currently has two pending EIA investigations: the environmental impact assessment programme of the Central Ostrobothnian lithium province initiated in 2014, also known as the mine EIA, and the EIA of the Kalavesi area production plant initiated in January 2017.

Keliber assumes responsibility for carrying out the necessary environmental investigations. The procedures are guided and monitored by the Central Ostrobothnian Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) acting as the mediating authority.

EIA for the mines of the Central Ostrobothnian lithium province

The EIA procedure connected to the mines of Keliber Oy covers the deposits of Länttä, Syväjärvi, Outovesi, Rapasaari and Leviäkangas located in the regions of Kaustinen and Kokkola.

The EIA procedure of the mines examines the environmental impact of different means of implementation.

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EIA for the Kalavesi production plant

The company’s target is to concentrate and refine the ore mined from the company’s mines in the production plant designed to be built in the village of Kalavesi, Kaustinen. The EIA procedure of the Kalavesi production plant examines the options of executing the Kalavesi production plant and their environmental impact.

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EIA for the lithium chemical plant

The EIA procedure of the lithium chemical plant evaluates the operations of Keliber Oy’s lithium chemical plant located in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP).

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