18.2.2020 | Company Announcement / Press release
Pertti Lamberg to leave Keliber ‒ Hannu Hautala appointed as CEO

Pertti Lamberg, the CEO of Keliber Oy, has announced he will resign from his position and move into the service of a new employer. The Board of Directors of Keliber Oy has appointed Hannu Hautala (M.Sc. Engineering, b. 1965) as the new CEO of the company. Hautala will start his work at Keliber on April 1, 2020 at the latest.

“I want to thank Pertti Lamberg for his tireless and admirable work with Keliber’s lithium project. In 2019, the project achieved many milestones under Pertti’s leadership, and I wish him all the best in his future work,” says Mika Seitovirta, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Keliber Oy.

“Keliber’s lithium project is unique even on a European scale. I have worked with dedication as Keliber’s CEO since 2016, utilizing my expertise to the best of my abilities to advance the lithium project. As the project moves on to the construction and production phase, I feel that it is time to hand over the responsibility of the project to my successor,” says Pertti Lamberg, the CEO of Keliber Oy.

“I am proud to join this landmark project for Finland, which has an important role also in the fight against climate change. Feasibility studies and, most recently, results of the pilot-scale tests have demonstrated the project’s feasibility. The solid foundation built by Pertti Lamberg and the Keliber team offers a good basis for moving towards project execution,” says Hannu Hautala.

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Mika Seitovirta, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Keliber Oy, tel. +358 50 568 7715

18.2.2020 / Keliber Oy

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