20.9.2021 | Company Announcement / Press release
Keliber’s Financing Arrangement Proceeds According to Plan

Sibanye Stillwater Limited ("Sibanye-Stillwater") has increased its share of ownership in Keliber Oy by subscribing for 250,000 shares at EUR 10 million. It is Sibanye-Stillwater’s second tranche of the EUR 40 million bridge financing arrangement the companies announced in February 2021.

On 19 March 2021, Keliber announced that Sibanye-Stillwater had subscribed for 375,000 new shares for a total of EUR 15 million. As part of the bridge financing, Keliber’s other shareholders subscribed for 250,000 shares at EUR 10 million, which was published on 20 April 2021.

Sibanye-Stillwater now owns 27 per cent of Keliber’s shares, which makes it the biggest shareholder.

Share issue to the personnel

In August 2021, Keliber organised a share issue directed at the personnel and the independent members of the company’s Board of Directors. A total of 8,407 shares were subscribed for, resulting in EUR 336,280. Most of the personnel participated in the share issue, including all new members of the Management Team, who did not yet own any Keliber shares.

The share issue to the personnel was authorised by the Annual General Meeting of Keliber Oy held on 26 May 2021.

The changes will be registered in the Trade Register as soon as possible.

Further information:
Riku Sauso, CFO, Keliber, tel. +358 (0)50 354 1133

20.9.2021 / Keliber Oy

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