17.2.2020 | Company Announcement / Press release
Battery grade lithium hydroxide produced in continuous pilot

Continuous lithium hydroxide pilot ("LiOH pilot") conducted from Keliber's own ore demonstrates the functionality of the Keliber production process. High purity lithium hydroxide was produced in the pilot.

The lithium hydroxide pilot was the last part of a three-phase continuous piloting program. The LiOH pilot was operated at Outotec R&D center in January 2020. The goals of the continuous LiOH pilot were to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate, to optimize the process flowsheet, including process parameters of the production process and to demonstrate the functionality of the chosen production technology.

The goals of the 14-day continuous pilot test were met. The purity of the product received with a single crystallization stage was extremely high. The lithium recovery in the process was high and better than the one used in the Definite Feasibility Study released in February 2019.

In the first and second phase of the pilot program late 2019, the conversion and calcination processes were tested successfully with good results.

“We are pleased with the results achieved. Successful test program using our own ore and including all the process stages demonstrates the functionality and strength of the chosen technology. This is important milestone and we can safely continue the detailed design of the process based on these results,” says Pertti Lamberg, CEO.

“We have proven with Outotec our ability to produce high purity, battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate, our desired end-product with good extraction. It is really important for Keliber that we can verify the functionality of our cleantech process,” says Sami Heikkinen, Chemical Plant Manager.

Further information:

Manu Myllymäki, COO, Keliber Oy, tel. +358 40 5309 917

Pertti Lamberg, CEO, Keliber Oy, tel. +358 50 5991 189

17.2.2020 / Keliber Oy

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