29.3.2021 | Company Announcement / Press release
Kokkola City Council approves the partial master plan for Keliber’s Länttä mining area

The City Council of Kokkola approved on March 25, 2021, the partial master plan of the Länttä mining area, located in Ullava, Kokkola. The decision is not yet legally binding.

Mining activities in Länttä will not begin until the early 2030s at the earliest, about 10 years after the first one of Keliber mines, Syväjärvi, has been commissioned, which is planned to take place in 2024. The schedule is also affected by the results of the drilling program, which aims at increased ore reserves. A continuous drilling program is going on in the Rapasaari and Syväjärvi areas.

Keliber has a valid environmental permit and a mining permit for Länttä. The company plans to apply for an extension of the mining permit during the third quarter of 2021. The environmental permit will be updated before starting operations in Länttä.

"We are pleased with the Kokkola City Council's approval of the Länttä plan. The decision supports both planning and implementation of Keliber’s project. Cooperation with landowners in the area is especially important to us. We will again this year arrange landowner meetings, which have become a tradition during the past years", says CEO Hannu Hautala.

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Hannu Hautala, CEO, Keliber, tel. +358 40 712 2432

29.3.2021 / Keliber Oy

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