30.6.2020 | Company Announcement / Press release
Keliber has chosen Outotec as its partner for the basic engineering of the Päiväneva concentrator

On June 29, 2020, Keliber and Outotec signed an agreement regarding the basic engineering of the Päiväneva concentrator. Outotec will design the concentrator process and process equipment for the production flow sheet: ore crushing, sorting, grinding and concentration.

The basic engineering of the concentrator is based on the new location of the concentrator next to the main mining sites. Design criteria include environmental, social and economic parameters which will be incorporated in the solution for the concentrator.

“We can confidently continue to promote our project with a reliable partner for the concentrator engineering. At the same time, Outotec will provide Keliber with valuable information for the EIA process and the environmental permit”, says Hannu Hautala, CEO of Keliber Oy.

Further information:
Hannu Hautala, CEO, tel. +358 40 712 2432

30.6.2020 / Keliber Oy

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