Welcome to the investor site of Keliber

Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining company with an aim of producing high-quality and high-purity lithium chemicals especially for the needs of the international lithium battery market.

Keliber is owned by Finnish investment companies and private investors as well as the Norwegian mining industry investment company Nordic Mining ASA.

As the world moves on to a lithium economy, Keliber is doing its part in promoting electric means of transport. The globally increasing market of electric cars is expected to face exponential growth. There is global demand for the environmentally clean energy, and international automotive industry giants are developing new forms of transportation based on lithium battery technology.

The increased demand for battery technology also results in substantial demand for raw materials. Lithium, the main product of Keliber, is used in the manufacturing of batteries.

Keliber possesses well developed, promising deposits in the lithium province of Central Ostrobothnia. The area shows great potential for futher increasing the company's ore reserves and discovering new deposits.