Research and development

Keliber carries out extensive research and development together with public organizations

Keliber has implemented several R&D projects with the Geological Survey of Finland, VTT, Oulu University, Aalto University, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius and Centria university of applied sciences among many others. In addition, several industrial partners have been involved in the projects. The most significant external funder of the projects has been Business Finland. Other funders are the EU EIT RM and the H2020 program.

Currently we are involved in the following R & D co-operation projects:

Aiming to increase the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. The project is funded by Business Finland.


Sustainable production methods and traceability of materials for battery manufacturing - BATTRACE project focuses on the traceability of battery materials and the production processes by which metals are extracted from ore and refined into high-quality raw materials for battery material manufacturers. The project is coordinated by GTK and VTT. Besides of taking part in developing fingerprinting tools Keliber is developing methods for utilization of recycling-based secondary lithium sources for lithium hydroxide production.


A biogas related international project coordinated by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Keliber participates for testing of lithium refining reject (analcime) as biogas purification agent.


Co-innovation project coordinated by VTT and funded by Business Finland aiming at developing circular economy based methods for decreasing of industrial greenhouse gas emissions.


An international EIT RM project coordinated by GTK. The main objective is to develop metal extraction technology for low grade industrial side streams.


Keliber is one of the four Finnish companies participating the first Lithium Ion Battery related IPCEI project (Important Project of Common European Interest). IPCEI consortium cooperates for developing sustainable sourcing and processing of materials and components through the whole Lithium Ion Battery value chain.

LiRef (EIT RM)

Libres (EIR RM)

Coordinated by Centria University of Applied Sciences EAKR funded project focusing on circular economy. The project is executed in cooperation with LUKE and industrial partners.


Co-innovation project developing metals extraction and circular economy for industrial side streams coordinated by University of Oulu and funded by Business Finland.

If you are interested in research and development cooperation with us, please contact our expert.

Pekka A. Tanskanen
Pekka A. Tanskanen
R&D Manager

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