The Emmes deposit is located under the Emmes lake and in the Emmes village in the municipality of Kronoby.

The area has been explored by Suomen Mineraali Oy and Partek Oy in 1960–1982.

Keliber Oy implemented a drilling programme in the south-east section of the deposit in 2014.

The most accurately explored vein of spodumene pegmatite in the deposit is situated under the Emmes lake. The distance between the roof of the vein and the surface of the lake varies between 5–8 metres (average water depth is 1.5 metres).

The spodumene pegmatite vein runs from north-west to south-east with a dip angle of about 60–80 degrees to south-west. The measured length of the vein is 350 metres. The spodumene pegmatite of Emmes consists mainly of microline, plagioclase, quartz, spodumene and muscovite.

Mineral Resources – Emmes
Category Deposit kt Li₂O % Cutoff JORC
Indicated Emmes 1076 1.22 0.50 2012
Ore Reserves – Emmes
Category Deposit kt Li₂O % JORC
Probable Emmes 856 1.01 2012

The ore reserve estimates have been prepared according to the guidelines of the JORC Code 2012 by Pöyry Finland Oy by competent persons under the supervision of Ville-Matti Seppä MSc (Geology), EurGeol acting as the qualified person. The mineral resource estimates for Emmes have been prepared by Markku Meriläinen (MAusIMM) and Pekka Loven (MAusIMM). Estimates have been prepared and reported in accordance with the guidelines of the Australasian Code for the Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (JORC Code 2012).