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Keliber operates in a sparsely populated area of Central Ostrobothnia that is dominated by forests and mires. We find it vitally important to preserve the natural environment and landscape around the mining areas.

Mining always has an impact on the environment, but we plan and execute all our operations with efficient use of natural resources and minimal permanent impact.

The objective of the company's operations and environmental policy is to minimise the impact on the air, water and soil. The following measures are examples of action taken to achieve this objective:

  • All our employers and subcontractors are trained for and committed to environmentally friendly policies
  • We make the most efficient use possible of the energy and water that we consume
  • We use the best available technology for our operations, reducing the use and consumption of chemicals and raw materials
  • The environmental impact of our operations is constantly measured and monitored
  • Our objective is to continuously improve our operations