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Vision, strategy and values

The objective of Keliber Oy is to be the first European company to produce high-purity lithium chemicals from its own ore resources.

We aim to generate added value to our owners while paying close attention to the social acceptance of our operations both in our surrounding regions and in our society at large.

Strategy and our way of operate

  • Obtaining sufficient ore reserves to ensure long-term production
  • Preparing and developing our environmentally friendly and cost-effective process in compliance with the principles of continuous improvement
  • Operating in a sustainable manner and ensuring continuous interaction with the surrounding society and community

Keliber is an outstanding employer, a reliable partner and an open and interactive member of our community.

Our operations are based on the principles of sustainable development. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

We understand that the success of our operations depends on efficiency and meeting the customers' needs, but also on taking the surrounding society into account and the approval of said society. We are already openly in cooperation with the residents and other interest groups in our surrounding communities to make sure the impact of our operations is in tune with the values important to the region. We also wish to actively support financial growth in our operating areas. We communicate all our operations regularly, openly and honestly.

Our values and modes of operation support our strategic goals and pay particular attention to the social and environmental characteristics of our operating area.