Opportunities for companies – Register your company as a subcontractor for Keliber’s lithium project

Would you like to take part in the building of new Finnish industry? Keliber will construct a vertically integrated production chain consisting of mines, a concentration plant, and a chemical plant in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland. Our aim is to be the first company in Europe that produces battery-grade lithium hydroxide from its own ore reserves.

We are collecting information from interested subcontractors and service providers in an electronic registry. Registration in the database may provide the companies with the opportunity to bid and thus possibility to join the lithium project as a subcontractor.

By entering the details of your company in the register you verify your interest in taking part in the lithium project. The collected information is saved in the contact information register of Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy and shared with Keliber Oy. If necessary, the information can be disclosed to key parties in the lithium project, such as the main equipment suppliers, main contractors, or other operators in the subcontracting chain.

Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy (Kosek) manages the data entered into the form. More information concerning Kosek’s data protection policies is available here.

Register as a subcontractor here.