Strategy and values

Our choices are guided by four values – openness, ambition, efficiency and respect.


Openness is the lifeblood of our operations. We openly tell about our plans and their impacts to various stakeholders. We are also open to feedback. Internally, openness is one of the cornerstones of our growth; it enables us to anticipate and react quickly in different situations.


Ambition guides our choices. We focus on matters that are essential to our operations. We want to contribute towards the greater goal of halting climate change with our every action.


Our efficiency is based on our ambitious and open way of working. Our lithium production technology makes the entire lithium value chain more efficient. Our geographical location also increases our logistical efficiency. Efficiency enables us to create value for our shareholders and for the surrounding society.


We respect each other and our environment. Respect is reflected in our daily work through listening, active dialogue and comprehensive impact assessments. We want to leave behind a better world.

Keliber’s strategy

Our goal is to be the first company in Europe to produce high-purity lithium chemicals from its own ore reserves. Our estimated annual production is approximately 15,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium hydroxide for the needs of the growing international lithium battery market.

We want to ensure that production begins at the best possible time from the market perspective, to align with the strongest expected growth of lithium demand in Europe. In addition, we aim that our lithium project is an exemplary flagship of sustainable lithium production, executed according to best available technologies and practices.

Critical success factors include, for example, technical manufacturing readiness, permits required for the project, offtake agreements signed, and optimal financing solutions.

Megatrends and technological development support Keliber's strategy