About Keliber

Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining company with an objective of producing battery grade lithium hydroxide especially for the needs of the international lithium battery market.

The lithium battery market is growing worldwide as traffic is becoming increasingly electric and the battery needs of a number of industries are increasing. The long-term objective of Keliber is to produce over 12,000 tonnes of battery grade lithium hydroxide per year for the use of the growing lithium battery market.

Keliber holds several advanced lithium deposits in the Central Ostrobothnian lithium province spanning more than 500 km². The company has a valid mining licence for a deposit situated Syväjärvi and in Länttä, Ullava, as well as several exploration permits and claims on other spodumene pegmatite deposits. The area shows great potential for increasing the company's ore reserves and discovering new deposits.

Over 80 % of Keliber is owned by Finnish institutional investors and private investors. The largest individual owners of the company are Finnish Minerals Group, the Norwegian mining industry investment company Nordic Mining, Jorma Takanen and Mine Invest.